Spearfisherman bitten by shark in Samoa

A spearfisherman from the village of Nofoali’I on the island of Upolu was bitten by a shark in Samo September 15. The unidentified man was spearing fish in a lagoon when a shark came into take the man catch. “I’ve been told that the shark came out of nowhere while the young man was trying to get a fish he had caught,” a local villager told the Samoa Observer. Another villager was able to assist the injured man, before he was taken to the Leulumoega District Hospital. There have been…

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Spearfisherman bitten by shark in the Bahamas

A spearfisherman was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas. The man, who has not been identified, was spearfishing from a shallow reef August 18 when he speared a fish around 3 p.m. As he pulled in the fish, a 5-foot reef shark went after it and bit the man’s hand. The victim, who is a safety diver for the shark diving company Shark Addicts, was able to return to his boat. Other employees of the company, who were enjoying a day off together, administered first aid and transported the…

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Watch: Spearfisherman fights off sharks to keep fish


A spearfisherman had a daunting encounter with sharks while diving off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. A member of The Adventure Club, a New Zealand based duo that enjoys hunting and spearfishing, was floating in the water when two sharks began chasing a yellowfin tuna. The sharks chased the tuna directly into the path of the diver’s pole spear and the battle began. The diver struck the fish with the pole and it began fluttering in the water. However, one of the sharks was still on a direct…

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Spearfisherman bitten by shark in New Caledonia

A spearfishman was bitten by a shark March 4. The unidentified man was fishing with two friends north of Lifou Island, part of the Loyalty Islands Province in the archipelago of New Caledonia. He had just strung a fish when a 7- foot (2m) shark showed up. The shark, which was identified as a gray shark, bit the man on the left side of his head before swimming off. The 43-year-old was assisted by his friends and taken to Médipôle of Koutio, a private hospital in New Caledonia, for medical…

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Bull shark attacks in slow motion

Kerry Daniel_bull_shark_attack_slow_motion

Danny Henricks has shared his video of a bull shark attack in slow motion Henricks was spearfishing for food near the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year when he was charged by a male bull shark. The 35-year-old said he had not speared any fish and there was no blood in the water. As he was driving down, he spotted the shark on the edge of the channel. “It’s not uncommon for sharks to come at you . . . size you up to see if you’re an easy meal,…

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Video: Spearfishermen have close encounter with a shark

Tim Van Beelen_shark_attack

A couple of spearfisherman had a close encounter with a shark in Western Australia. Tim Van Beelen was fishing with The Horny Spearos boat off the coast of Coral Bay in the video posted January 23. Van Beelen had just speared a fish and was reeling it in when a hungry shark showed up. ***Language Warning**** The shark took advantage of situation and started munching on the free meal. The spear fisherman pulled on his line as the shark was eating the fish before quickly releasing it and distancing himself…

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Videos: Sharks Love Spearfishermen

Great_white_shark_Spearfishing reviews

Sharks love spearfishermen, well to be more specific, sharks love speared fish. Sharks are smart and love free meals. Speared fish sends out electrical impulses that sharks detect with their sensitive snouts. Once the sharks feel the impulses it will begin to investigate. Add a little blood and sharks are in pure hunting mode. They know a meal is just a bite away. Spearfishing Reviews features a group of people who love spearfishing and their goal is to help point both novice and professional spearfishers to the right gear. They…

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