Tracking Sharks is a news website devoted to sharing information on sharks.  The site specializes in reporting shark attacks and bites across the globe.

In addition we have the original Shark Attack Map.  The website has been sourced by multiple news agencies across the globe including the BBC, USA TODAY, and many others.

If you have been bitten or attacked by a shark or witnessed a shark attack, please email us at ContactTrackingSharks at Your information will not be shared without your approval.

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6 Thoughts to “Contact”

  1. Love this website. Keep up the Good Work and thank you for all your time and research you do!

    1. Kevin McMurray

      Thank you!

  2. Alfy

    Yes lots of shark attack “files” are missing attacks which then skews science and safety. So why even bother? For ads and ca$h. Cha Ching..

    1. Kevin McMurray

      All the information is valuable. It’s extremely tough to find every shark attack in the world. I have found many in foreign languages and that some remote areas do not even report them. There are also people who choose to keep the information private. In the end, the information we compile does give us an understanding of negative interactions.

  3. Steve Kane

    What about the two shark attacks on Ascension Island this year? They’re not on the map.

    1. Kevin McMurray

      I have two listed: Frankie Gonsalves and Kawika Matsu. Are we missing any?

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