Sharks filmed off beaches in Panama City, Coco Beach and Gulf Shores


Several videos of sharks coming near the beaches in Panama City and Coco Beach, Fla., and Gulf Shores, Ala., have been shared on social media. The first report comes June 1 from Alicia Dufrene, who was on her balcony in Panama City when she spotted a hammerhead shark swimming in circles near shore.  She was able to film the 4- to 5-foot shark as it left the shallows, about 20 feet from the beach. Dufrene shared her video with the shark reporting app Dorsal, and said the shark “zig-zagged in…

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Great white shark attacks bodyboard

2017_Shark_attack_bite_Western_Austrailia_Great_white_shark_Paul Goff_WA_Police

A great white shark attacked a bodyboard June 11 at Bunbury beach, Western Australia. Paul Goff was waiting for a wave around 9 p.m.  at Casuarina Point when a 13-foot (4m) great white shark shot out of the water. “I saw the grey and the white of the gills and at that point I realised it wasn’t a dolphin,” the 48-year-old told Perth Now. “I had no warning at all that it was there,” he said. “The camouflage colour of the shark – that’s what it’s there for, it protects…

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*Graphic* Florida Surfer suffers second shark bite in less than a year


*Graphic* Florida Surfer suffers second shark bite in less than a year. A shark bit a surfer on the foot June 10 in the Ponce Inlet, Florida. Bryan Brock was north of the Jetty in waist-deep water around 10 a.m. when the shark bit his left foot and hand. Mike Hotstetter saw Brock struggling around 10 feet away and quickly went into action. The Ex-lifeguard assisted Brock into shore and administered first aid. According to Pipeline TV Volusia Country lifeguards, EMTs and the Ponce Inlet Police Department responded quickly to…

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North Carolina woman loses arm to shark

A North Carolina woman lost her arm to a shark June 2 in the Bahamas. Tiffany Johnson and her husband James were on the last stop of their 7-day cruise when they decided to go parasailing and snorkeling. The couple found a local guide who took them with another couple to Athol Island.  Although James was feeling seasick during the 20-minute trip out to the reef, he was able to enjoy the water with his wife while they explored the area around a small private island. When James started feeling…

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Shark bites surfer in the United Kingdom

2017_shark_attack_bite_ Bantham Beach_ South Devon_ Rich Thomson_United_Kingdom

A surfer was bitten by a shark in the United Kingdom. Rich Thomson has become the first known surfer to have been bitten by a shark in the United Kingdom. The 30-year-old was hitting the waves June 6 off Bantham Beach in South Devon when a small shark latched onto his leg. “I turned round and saw this little shark was on my thigh and wriggling its head side to side,” he told the BBC “I hit it on the head and it swam off. “My hand was cut to…

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*Graphic* Video: Spearfisherman attacked by a shark

A spearfisherman has filmed the moment he was attacked by a shark in the Florida Keys. The Parker Simpson was fishing with a buddy June 4 at Middle Samo Reef off Boca Chica and was filming the trip with a head mounted camera. The 23-year-old, who was holding a freshly caught black grouper, was floating on the surface with his friend Justyn as they pondered their next move. Suddenly a 7 to 8 foot reef shark showed up behind the two.  “He first went at my dive buddy Justyn but…

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Video 15 foot Great white shark in 3 feet of water

2017-15-foot-great-white-shark-shallow-waters-pearson-brothers-dale Pearson

A 15 foot great white shark has been filmed in 3 feet of water off the coast of Mexico. The Pearson brothers spotted the shark in the Sea of Cortez and shared the video on June 3. The two were able to get a close up view of the sharks back and saw two injuries. They theorized that the shark was hit by a propeller and due to the injury; the shark was now forced to hunt stingrays in the shallow water. While they did say the shark was bleeding…

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