12 to 14-foot tiger shark bites surfer in Hawaii

2017 shark attack bite Kauai_Hawaii_Mitch_Milan_possible_tiger_shark

A 12 to 14-foot tiger shark bit a surfer in Hawaii October 9. Mitch Milan decided to catch a few waves off Davidsons Beach on Kauai before meeting his wife for a prayer meeting. Milan and his friend Gary Watkins were about 150 yards out around 6:30 p.m. “It was getting to a point where I was like I need to get out,” Milan said.  “I don’t want to be out here at dark.” Watkins was 25 to 30 feet away from Milan who was sitting on his board with…

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Shark bumps snorkeler in Maui, Hawaii


A shark bumped a snorkeler in Maui, Hawaii prompting officials to close several beaches. The 40-year-old woman from Canada was approximately 10 yards off Kama’ole II and Kama’ole III around 12:30 p.m. when she was bumped. She had minor abrasions to her left arm and thigh from the 8-foot grey shark’s skin, but declined medical treatment. After the incident, the Kama’ole beaches were closed and patrols were sent to warn beachgoers of the incident. No sharks were spotted and the beaches were reopened a little over two hours later. Mākena…

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*Graphic* Surfer bitten by shark in Ponce Inlet, Florida

A surfer was bitten by a shark in Ponce Inlet, Florida, September 13. Benjamin Loyd couldn’t resist the Inlet’s deep aqua water and the breaks. The 18-year-old normally surfs at New Smyrna Beach, which is the shark attack capital of the world, but his surfing partner wanted to hit the inlet. Loyd caught a wave around 6:45 p.m. and rode it until it flattened out approximately 25 to 30 yards off the beach in around 4-feet of water. “I just jumped off my board real quick and as I went…

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Watch: Inside view of a bull shark’s mouth after it steals camera

bull shark parasites

Raymond Pascoe had his GoPro camera for 5 days when he stuck it in the water off in North Queensland, Australia. He and his partner were enjoying the day, taking a break from fishing, to hand-feed gentle lemon sharks in the crystal-clear water. Pascoe slid his camera below the surface to catch all the underwater action. Eventually, the video shows the lemon sharks swim away as a group of bull sharks come into view. One bull shark thinks the camera might be food, then approaches and takes a bite. The…

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*Graphic* Video: Man bitten by nurse shark that won’t let go

2017 shark attack bite off Marathon City_Ervin Maccarty

Video is now available that shows a man bitten by a nurse shark that refused to release its bite. Ervin McCarty was snorkeling with a group of six people near Marathon City in the Florida Keys September 2, when one member of the group shot a grouper. Unfortunately, the grouper was lodged in a hole in 10-foot deep water. Since he is skilled at removing fish from holes, the captain asked McCarty to dive down and retrieve the fish. Once McCarty made it to the bottom, a nurse shark shot…

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*Graphic* Surfer bitten by a shark in Jacksonville Florida

2017 shark attack bite Jacksonville_Florida_Hanna_Park_the_poles_

A surfer was bitten by a shark in Jacksonville, Florida. Justin White was enjoying waves generated by hurricane Maria off Hanna Park which is located near the Naval Station Mayport in an area known as the Poles. As he sat on his board waiting for a wave, an estimated 4 to 5-foot long shark grabbed his lower leg. White was able to make it in to shore and was taken to a hospital in a private vehicle. According to News4Jax, White received 20 stitches to close the wound on his…

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Great white knocks surfer into the water in WA

2017 shark attack bite no injury _Western Australia_ north point Surf board WA

A great white shark knocked a surfer into the water in Western Australia. The woman and off-duty lifeguard Tom Van Beem were the only two surfers in the water at North Point around 6 p.m. September 25. “I felt this water movement underneath me,” Van Beem told ABC news. “I looked at the girl sitting next to me [and] she got knocked off her board. “Then I saw the shark’s body follow with the pectoral fin and the tail.” Van Beem checked to make sure the Belgian woman, who is…

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