Shark bite reported in Hilton Head

2017_shark_attack_bite_Hilton Head, South Carolina_Linton Suttle

A teenager is recovering from a minor shark bite he received in Hilton Head, South Carolina August 10. Linton Suttle was pushing his sister on a boogie board near the Sea Pines Beach Club when he decided to dive into the water. The 13-year-old felt a pain in his left foot and instinctively pulled away. “I thought maybe it was a seashell but as I turned around to look I saw a shadow swim away and I knew I had just got bit by a shark,” Suttle told the Island…

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Minor shark bite reported in Hilton Head

Hilton Head Shark bite Johnny Simatacolos.2

A minor shark bite has been reported in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Johnny Simatacolos was swimming in waist deep water on July 29 around 3 p.m. when he felt a sharp pain in his foot. “I thought something bit me or I stepped on something like a crab,” the 10-year-old from from Prospect, Kentucky told The Herald. “I was screaming, a little. It was bleeding badly.” The young man’s parents assumed he had stepped on something, and bandaged the wound. After learning that a shark had been spotted in the…

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Indiana teen bitten by a shark in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Jan Wallhauser was vacationing with her family June 21 when she and her three daughters decided to enjoy the water off South Forest Beach. Mrs. Wallhauser was holding onto a pool noodle as three of her daughters, Cassie, Heather and Olivia, rode the large waves on boogie boards. The family group, from Dubois County, Indiana, stood 3- to 4-feet apart in shoulder-deep murky water when a wave rose and lifted 16-year old Olivia’s feet off the bottom. “Then Olivia started to scream,” Mrs. Wallhauser said. Apparently, when Olivia kicked the…

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Video:14-foot great white shark tagged off South Carolina

A 14-foot great white shark has been tagged off South Carolina. Chip Michalove with Outcast Sports Fishing caught the female shark February 1. The group was 16 miles off the coast of Hilton Head when they hooked the large female. Once the shark was near the boat, it was fitted with tracking devices, but during the tagging, the shark managed to take a bite of the boat. “Just like any animal, they want to get the hell out of town,” Michalove told WLTX19. “You grab anything wild they’re going to…

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Great White Shark Caught off South Carolina’s Coast

Photos of a great white shark caught off South Carolina’s coast have been shared on Facebook. Troy Bowman was fishing off Hilton Head when he reeled in a 2,500lb Great white shark. The Resident of Bulls Gap Tennessee had been out with Outcast Sport Fishing catching bull redfish on Wednesday, when something unexpected happened. Capt. Chip Michalove said “we hooked into this big lady at 2:50pm. We weren’t exactly sure how big she was, initially, but after a 2 minute blistering run, she jumped completely out of the water.” Mr.…

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Hilton Head Great White Shark

Hilton Head has a new resident, a great white shark. Chip Michalove was fishing last Friday when something picked up his bait and took off like a ‘freight train.’ The seasoned fisherman told the Island Packet “When you see it move that fast, you move like lightning,” he said. “It just kicks you into another gear. It’s an incredible experience.” He brought the shark up to the boat, where his crew was able to snap a few photos. Although he has caught other species of sharks, great whites have a…

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