2015 Shark Attack Bites Map

2015 shark attack bites tracking map.

Unfortunately some media outlets sensationalize some shark interactions as full blown killer sharks on the loose. However, as you see in the map below shark attacks bites are not that common. Most shark attack bites are clustered on the eastern coast of Florida. This is due to rough surf which creates limited visibility for the sharks along with large schools of bait fish in the surf zone.

Click in the top right corner of the map to enter full screen mode.

The map has categories (bites, fatal and interactions) on the left hand side. If you cannot see these in your browser, click on the top right button at the top of the map to open in full screen.

Once you click on an article link, you will be taken to the details of the incident.

The map is intended to show the locations of shark attacks and bites. Keep in mind, there are millions of people in the waters every day, if sharks were crazy killers, the map would be filled to the brim.

Did you know Bill Gates says you should be more worried about mosquitoes than sharks? So be safe and enjoy the waters.

Want to track live sharks? Click here.  2016 Shark attack bite map available here.

All 2015’s Shark attacks and bites, pinpointed on an easy to use map below. Includes relevant information on the attack/bite: fatal/non fatal, location, victim.

Click to open the 2014 Shark attack bite map or the 2013 Shark attack bites map in a new window.

Shark attack bite locations are mapped using all available information. However, the exact spot of the incident may not be 100% correct as this is a world wide endeavor. If you have any corrections, please let us know in the comments. This map is for informational use only.

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  1. Irisss

    The 2013 fatal shark attack in Muriwai, New Zealand, is not on the map. Maybe good to add! 🙂

    1. Kevin McMurray

      Thanks for the comment and sorry for the delay in response. We have it listed on the 2013 map

  2. Y. Steele

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Kmac

    Have you tried deleting your cookies? I tried and it opens in the page and then when I click to expand it, it opens up in a new window. The direct link is https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1AZi0MFZUySQVPM3GrNCp6H2rLh8&usp=sharing Also, the 2016 map also has 2015’s data on it.

  4. Michael Burch

    My wife and I moved from Baltimore to Ft. Lauderdale not long after we got married in 1977. We lived there for four years and spent as much time as possible at the beach while living there. I am hoping to retire in June of 2017, so we just bought a nice place in Sunnyland Beach (Melbourne Beach) that is a five minute walk to the ocean. We still love the ocean and I’m actually hoping to learn how to surf.

    To be honest, I hate sharks and think the only good shark is a dead shark. Thanks to the tree huggers and dirt people, the shark population continues to increase. That means that swimmers and surfers will be in ever increasing danger of being a victim of a shark attack. One single human life is worth more than every shark in every body of water in the world. I hate having to feel like I constantly need to be looking over my shoulder for some stinking shark every time I go in the ocean.

    I know most everyone will probably disagree with me, but I’m assuming that honest opinions are what people are interested in, even if they disagree.

    1. delana_frazier

      I have scuba dived and seen beautiful places from the Bahamas to Mexico. I have to say I do have to AGREE with the increased population of sharks. We do become more of a dinner choice. Scuba diving around sharks means that someone has to feed them to make them not be hungry and want to eat us during our diving excursion.
      So; if one is not diving or feeding them they then become dinner. But then we do have to respect that we are in their domain. THE OCEAN.So really there is not a real good solution to the deli-ma of to go into the water or not to go into the water if a shark potentially is in the area.

  5. Vikabik

    This interactive map and its red pins actually represent incidents in which there was some kind of aggravated encounter reported between a human and a shark. Not all of those incidents were predatory attacks.

    1. Kmac

      Coming this week.

  6. Ladybird

    Greetings from Los Angeles! I really like the information you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. Happy to see that there are no attacks in my city!!!!!!!

  7. vickey

    clever work and reporting!

    Keep up the terrific orks guys I’ve incorporated you into my blog.

  8. kayleigh

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article data

  9. pastor john

    Whether or not we like it, sharks are always going to bite people and we will still go in the ocean. Just as we will still hike, snakes will still bite, as bees will sting. We must not fear God’s creations, but respect them all. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 . Use your sound mind when going in the water and do not swim when bleeding or when sharks are present.

  10. Billabong

    I’ve been surfing for 18 years and have watched sharks swim close to boards and then take off. Even had them bump me, which is scary, but it goes along with being in the water. We must respect them as we are in there territory.

  11. R.

    I wanted to thank you for this very good map!!

  12. roblox

    I am studying sharks and the negative perceptions as portrayed in the media. Really useful data you have here.

  13. Sunny FL

    Greetings from Florida! Great site you have here, filled with tons of information. My favorite part is how you do not refer to Florida in a negative way!

  14. Bibliocat

    Where is the map key? Most of the symbols are easily understood once you click for the information, but I would still like to have a definition of precisely what is meant or implied by each symbol. I’m happy to see that the Galveston/Freeport, Texas area has been free of attacks so far this year. Our waters are typically a bit cloudy due to the Brazos River, but the beaches have been uncommonly (and beautifully) clear this summer.

    1. Kmac

      Thanks for the comment and sorry it has taken so long to respond. I changed the icons around to make it a little easier. I’m planning on adding new ones, that will be more streamlined. I thought I would have had it done by now, but have been swamped. Nice to hear about the TX beaches!! I know of a few bites that happened in the state, most appear to be due to the rough murky waters.

  15. Kmac

    I always try to stick to just the facts and known info, however it isn’t always easy. Thanks for letting me know!!

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  17. Hotel kings

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  18. Ra'ana Kanwal

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  19. Mako shark

    I want to encourage you to continue your great work, have a nice morning!

  20. Foreman

    becareful int the waters and do not gett yourself killed! It is first home to the graceful sharks…humans 2nd.

  21. creg

    Touche. Keep up the great effort.

  22. scar

    My sister is analyzing attacks for school and this is a tremendous help. Wonderful info, but I wish you would post more great white photos.

  23. lake of the dead

    Outstanding site from the experts. Thank you very much for this useful info for all of us.

  24. The majority of what the media refers to as ‘shark attacks’ do not involve predation except when a shark is after a fisherman’s catch. Like all other animals, a shark cannot rely on instinct alone and learns by exploring its environment.

  25. crazyface

    hey thnx for the info but i dont think i will like florida its beautiful but ~.~ bruhh

  26. Paulu

    Whats up! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info.

  27. Beth

    Going to Atlantic Beach, NC do you think it’s safe? Any activity on that stretch of islands?

    1. Kmac

      Yes, you are more likely to be injured on the way to the beach than by a shark. The last incident I could find was in 1980.

  28. Lenny G.

    Hey! I’m at work browsing your site from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the great work!

  29. Aaron

    Your links to the 2013 and 2014 shark attacks are broken. They changed the URL on you. The correct URLs are:

    2014 https://www.trackingsharks.com/2014-shark-attack-bites-tracking-map/

    2013 is a little weird. If you search for “2013 shark map” a post comes up in the results, but you get a 404 error when you click on it. Luckily the map itself is in the search results so you can just maximize it. The following link takes you directly to the map: https://www.trackingsharks.com/2013-tracking-sharks-bites-attack-map/

    1. Kmac

      Thanks Aaron!! I corrected the links and it seems to be working now. If you see anything else, please let me know. Thanks again!!

  30. Ed

    you’ve a great weblog here! would you wish to make some posts on my blog?

  31. wendy

    Any sightings in Rehoboth, delaware or ocean city, maryland? We will be traveling there during aug 22-29. thanks

    1. Kmac

      A hammerhead was spotted back on June 26. Besides that, nothing comes to mind. Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

  32. Zoe

    What are the most recent shark attacks?

    1. Kmac

      If you click on the menu button on the map, it will open a date range. The newest are listed at the bottom.

  33. Judy

    Thank you for putting this together. We are going to Virginia Beach on 7/5 and have been feeling a little uneasy. It is nice to see on the map that there aren’t any interactions or attacks in that area – is the activity due to the higher temperatures in the water this year? Perhaps Virginia Beach is not south enough to be that warm? Fingers crossed!

    1. Rodney

      Just got back to virginia beach. I live here I was on vacation in the outer banks. The water is getting warmer in Virginia beach, so I’m sure the sharks are going to move up the coast. There were a couple of shark attacks in the outer banks when we were there. Be careful.

    2. Kathy

      Live in the VB area. Sharks have been sighted in the surf and following the Dolphins.

  34. John

    There have been 6 shark attacks on the Outer Banks this month. How come you only spotted one (June 27th) and another possible attack?

    1. Kmac

      I believe it’s six total in NC for the month of June, with two in the Outer Banks within two days of each other. I was waiting on confirmation to upgrade the second one.

  35. carol

    I can see the map fine, looks great (except can you make sharks stop biting folks here in North Carolina)

    1. Kmac

      Ty for letting me know! NC is the hot spot this year. Though some of them seem to be connected to fishing piers.

    2. Ashley

      Yeah seriously! Us North Carolinians are being attacked worse than ever.

  36. Jaws

    Hey your shark map is not working

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