Hunt on for fisherman who taunted Shark

The hunt is on for fisherman who taunted a Great White in Australia.

Authorities found a video posted on Facebook of two suspects trying to entice the white shark with meat.

This can only be done with a special permit since white sharks are a protected species.

If found and prosecuted the men could face fines of up to $10,000 for interfering with, harassing or molesting a great white shark.

Matt Waller, a Port Lincoln shark cage operator told ABC Australia

“The attraction of great white sharks is a regulated industry and licensed operators go through stringent processes to attract sharks in a right and appropriate way, and this [the men in the video] sort of behavior largely moves away from that,” Mr Waller said.

“Pretty much everything in this video is outside our legal operating conditions and yeah, definitely worthy of being persecuted.”

Read more  Here and see just the video on LiveLeak Here


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