Poachers snatching sharks in CA

The Department of Fish in Wildlife in California is reporting some amateur fishermen are trying to catch shark pups.

Leopard sharks are the main target which are sold on the black market for aquariums.

Cal State Long Beach shark lab director Dr. Chris Lowe told ABC7 “We’re the stewards of these resources. We’re the beneficiaries of these resources, and when people do this illegally all they’re doing is hurting everyone in California.”

The sharks are vital to the ecosystem and luckily anyone caught poaching the shark could be charged with a misdemeanor which could lead to a six month jail stint or a $1000 fine.

In addition great whites are also targets as they are prized trophies.

Dr. Lowe said there are a growing number of white shark in California waters which is great news as it means the ecosystem is in good shape.

He said “There’s never really been a lot of them, but they serve critical roles in keeping our coastal oceans healthy.”

Hopefully things will continue to go well and shark poaching will cease.

If anyone who has info on those poaching sharks in the California please call (888) 334-2258.


"Triakis semifasciata back" by nugunslinger from Lafayette, USofA - Leopard Sharks....NOT Tiger. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - /wiki/File:Triakis_semifasciata_back.jpg#/media/File:Triakis_semifasciata_back.jpg
“Triakis semifasciata back” by nugunslinger from Lafayette, USofA – Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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