Teen bitten by shark in New Zealand

Sevengill shark

A teen surfer was bitten by a suspected shark in New Zealand.

Jordan King, 13, was surfing with her friend Ella Burdon and Ella’s father Glen at Oreti Beach Jan. 16.

Around 8:30 p.m. King felt something biting her leg rope. She squealed in response and pulled her body onto her surfboard, as the trio spotted a tail fin about 1 foot in length break the surface and then disappear.

“It didn’t really feel like anything, only on my legrope,” King told Stuff.

The group paddled into the shallows for a break but did not notice that King was bleeding. King felt fine at the time and they decided to surf a little longer.

About an hour later, the headed back into the beach and King realized she was bleeding and had a tear in her wet suit.

Ella’s mom, who is also an emergency room nurse, treated the wound.

Sevengill shark
Sevengill shark Photo: José María Pérez Nuñez CC

Glen Burdon thinks a broadnose sevengill shark may be responsible for the bite and that the wound could have been much worse if the leg rope hadn’t been in the way.

There have been 6 shark attacks reported this year, one of which was fatal.

The locations have been marked on the 2020 Shark Attack Map.

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