Video: 15-foot Great white snags chum bag in the Florida Keys

great white shark in the florida keys bites a chum bag

An awesome video of a great white shark trying to steal a chum bag has been shared on social media.

Outdoor enthusiast Suzy Grumbo was fishing for yellowtail snapper April 23 around 6 miles off Summerland Key, Florida when a hungry great white shark appeared.

“She was circling our boat for about 2 hours,” Grumbo told Tracking Sharks. “She was not interested in the yellowtails like most sharks. “

The estimated 15-foot-long great white avoided the live fish but zeroed in on a chum bag.

The white shark popped up at 12:46 p.m. from 60-foot deep water and began munching on the bag which contained around $100 worth of salmon and sardines.

“This shark was ginormus!! Our boat is 12-feet-wide and, from end to end of her pectoral fins, she was that wide and probably 4 or 5 feet around.”

The shark bit the chum bag twice, emptying the contents, and then hit the boat.

“She tried to eat the boat . . . almost as if we were a big dead whale,” Grumbo added.

While she has seen other sharks battling for yellowtails, this is the first white shark she has seen up close.

“Overall it was very humbling,” she said about the event. She says fishing is like eating from a box of chocolates in that you never know what you are going to get, or in this case, what you’re going to see.

Great whites are known to move through the Keys during this time a year as they migrate toward north to feed, mate and birth.

This is not the first time a video of a white shark has been taken in the Florida Keys.

Cody Wabiszewski filmed a great white while doing his advanced diver certification May 16, 2018.

The avid fisherman spotted the shark in 70 feet of water on the Florida Keys’ Thunderbolt shipwreck.

“I initially could not believe what I saw. My thought was that I must already be narked (hallucinating due to the depth) because that looks even bigger than a bull shark.

“A second look and I realized that it was a great white shark and tried to enjoy the moment,” Wabiszewsk told Tracking Sharks. The estimated 15-foot shark swam around the area for a few brief minutes before disappearing into the depths.

Another white was filmed near Alligator Reef off Islamorada, Fla., in April 2016.

Captain Chris Mueller had been chartered to take 13 people on a snorkeling expedition when he was alerted to the 10- to 12-foot great white circling the area.

Mueller filmed the shark as it swam in the relative shallow water of the reef.

Shark Trackers OCEARCH has publicly shared the travels of several white sharks as they swam around the Florida coastline.

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