Bite-Back’s 2016 Calendar Now Available

bite_back_2016_calendar_2The 2016 Bite-Back calendar featuring images from 13 of the world’s leading underwater photographers is now available. Best of all it helps Bite-Back, a UK shark and Marine conservation charity.

Bite-Back will use the funds towards their No Fin To Declare Campaign. They hope to close a legal loop hole in Europe which allows any visitor to bring up to 44lbs of shark fins for ‘personal’ use. The charity hopes the program will make the UK the first country in the world to ban the shark fin soup.

The photographers donated their images, along with first-hand commentary on the marine environment. Contributors include multiple award-winning photographers Alex Mustard, Lia Barrett, Amanda Cotton, Alex Tattersall, Ellen Cuylaerts and Christian Vizl.

Lia Barett
Lia Barett

Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall supports the group’s effort saying: “Sharks have patrolled the big blue since before the dinosaurs. Yet without understanding and education we could lose them. Our oceans would be infinitely poorer places without them so that’s why I’m urging everyone to support Bite-Back and get behind its campaign to make Britain shark fin free.”

Bite-Back’s campaigns have been shaped by the fact that over-fishing is the single biggest threat facing the marine environment and that over-consumption is the root cause.

Campaign director for Bite-Back, Graham Buckingham, said: “The 2016 calendar is a stunning collection of remarkable marine life encounters that reveal the hidden beauty beneath the waves. We hope it will serve as a perfect reminder that the oceans deserve greater protection from the daily onslaught of destructive and wasteful fishing practices, such as shark finning.”


The awesome limited edition calendar can be picked up for £8.99 or around $15.00 (checking on an exact cost for US residents). Now if for some reason you don’t feel like picking up this great looking piece of art for yourself or as a gift, you can still help out by donating directly at



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