Beach goers attempt to save a great white shark

I posted this yesterday on the Tracking sharks Facebook page, which if you haven’t liked it yet, be sure to do so ;0), and thought I would share it on the site.

The 14-foot shark washed up on Whitecrest Beach in Wellfleet,Massachusetts on Sunday.

Over 100 people attempted to rescue the stranded male,by digging a ditch and dragging it out to sea using a rope attached to the sharks tail fin.

Unfortunately, the shark died sometime during the ordeal, probably due to lack of oxygenated water and its massive body weight.

Back in July a similar incident occurred with the great white making it safely back to the water.

In that case, the shark was tagged and has been seen/pinged several times.




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2 Thoughts to “Beach goers attempt to save a great white shark”

  1. karup

    Very sorry it perished, but great to see the humanity while attempting to save its life. Kudos to all involved

  2. sharks just like the taste a ma family. 1st they was liza and a big ole bull shark bit off her left buttox an her anus area. she lived but looks ugly in a thong.Then i got bit by a tiger shark while fishing in waist deep water in the bahamas.he was big,took my right leg ,3 fingers on my right an 1 on my left an my chin an teeth. im tough im ok. most recently gra ma perkins was clamiin on heel inlet n carolina. come up between her thighs an they kinda large an bit her vagina i quess you call it al.ost clean off. she lived barely.then in 1968 my cousin luddy thought he was paddlin out real early in th mornin on oakracoke island to swim. with the dolphins. they was really a pack of them white sharks feedin on a hig chunk of a dead whale they think got dragged in by a oil tanker somehoe. they say he screamed and cussed and screamed an punched for like 10 minutes then they never seen nothin of luddy again. my aunt bettys best friend the hair dresser caint remember her name was paddlin wanna those boogery board things in maui hawaii an some kinda shark nipped her leg, not bad but when she punched it bit off her right hand up to the elbow.she come out of it well considerin.but she dont do hair no more not even her own. i just and stick to swimmin in the pond now but they still got them turtles an thats a whole nother story. be safe an god bless all gods creatures,even them sharks i guess.

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