Body Surfer bitten by shark in Florida

A University of Central Florida student was body surfing off Cocoa Beach when he was bitten by a shark May 7.

Josh Green felt something grab his leg and thought it was a friend playing a prank, but it was actually a small shark.

“I didn’t realize it was a shark until I punched it, thinking it was someone messing with me and then felt the face,”he told Knight News

Realizing he was the only one from his group in the water,  Green began punching the shark.

“When I hit it, my foot was sort of released and I just swam to shore as fast as possible. I limped out over to my friends and they brought me up to the lifeguard,” he said.

The lifeguard then drove Josh and a friend to their car where his friend was able to drive him to a local clinic.

“The doctors that helped me were kind of shocked because they said they had not seen a shark attack in person.”

Green received 18 stitches to sew up his wounded foot, ankle and calf.

The shark involved is believed to be a 4-5 foot black tip shark.

This is the twenty-third shark attack bite of 2015 six of which were fatal.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map.

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