Watch: Spearfisherman fights off sharks to keep fish


A spearfisherman had a daunting encounter with sharks while diving off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. A member of The Adventure Club, a New Zealand based duo that enjoys hunting and spearfishing, was floating in the water when two sharks began chasing a yellowfin tuna. The sharks chased the tuna directly into the path of the diver’s pole spear and the battle began. The diver struck the fish with the pole and it began fluttering in the water. However, one of the sharks was still on a direct…

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2016 had a record number of shark attacks and bites

2016_shark_attack_map_Record_number_of shark attacks bites_overview

2016 had a record number of shark attacks and bites (107) which surpassed the previous record of ninety-eight set in 2015 by nine. However, the total number of fatalities is down from nine worldwide in 2015 to eight in 2016.* While the number may sound scary, it’s not time to cue the “Jaws” theme song. Record temperatures made the ocean more appealing, while cheaper oil prices made traveling to the beach more affordable. Again, the 2016 leader for shark bites was the sunshine state of Florida with a total of…

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Tourist Bitten by a Shark in Brazil


On December 30, a tourist was bitten by a shark in Brazil around 2 p.m. local time. The Paulo Campos was in the surf zone with his 7-year old son at Lion’s Beach when he was bitten on the left leg. The water was cloudy and the 4-foot (1.2m) shark, believed to be a small lemon, grabbed Campo’s calf. After the musician punched the shark, it released his leg and swam away. The 49-year-old had superficial injuries and was taken to the hospital by family members. The wound appeared to…

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SharkBanz Investigates Teenager Bitten by a Shark in Florida

2016 shark attack bite Zack Davis Florida

A teenager was bitten by a shark in Florida on December 27. Zack Davis was enjoying the waves near Avalon Beach State Park on North Hutchinson Island when he was bitten on the arm. “It didn’t look bad; there weren’t any baitfish or anything,” Davis told CBS 12. “I felt it hit because my hand was on the sand and I was getting turned by the wave, and it held on for less than three seconds. I didn’t even have a chance to hit him or anything. “It was shocking,…

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Snorkeler Bitten by a Shark in Bundegi

Snorkeler Bitten by a Shark in Bundegi Sanctuary Zone

A snorkeler has been bitten by a shark in Bundegi’s Sanctuary Zone on December 24. The unidentified female was bitten on the buttocks while visiting the sanctuary near Exmouth. She was in 16 feet (5m) deep water around 765 to 1094 yards (700 to 1000m) from shore when the incident occurred. The small shark bit her gluteus maximus and the woman quickly exited the water. She was taken to shore and then went to Exmouth Hospital for treatment. There have been a total of 99 shark attack bites in 2016.…

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Great White Shark Attacks Surf Ski

Great white shark attack surf ski ben swart

A shark believed to be a great white shark attacked a surf ski paddler in Cape Town, South Africa. Ben Swart was paddling with two friends in Keurbooms Lagoon at Plettenberg Bay December 19 around 7 a.m. when the shark apparently breached. The Local National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) released a statement that the 55-year-old was hit from below the water by an estimated 13-foot (4m) shark. The shark hit the board with such force Swart was knocked off his surf ski and into the air. He was uninjured in…

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Surfer Bitten by a Shark off Florida Coast

On December 11 a surfer was been bitten by a shark off of the coast of Florida. Shane Garthwait was floating on his board Sunday off New Smyrna Beach, south of the Jetty, when he felt a tug on his dangling right foot. The 19-year-old sustained a 1½ inch wound to the top of his foot, a half-inch cut to the back of the ankle as well as some bruising. He was able to make it back to the beach, but declined medical treatment. He said his is a nurse…

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