Video: Spearfishermen have close encounter with a shark

Tim Van Beelen_shark_attack

A couple of spearfisherman had a close encounter with a shark in Western Australia. Tim Van Beelen was fishing with The Horny Spearos boat off the coast of Coral Bay in the video posted January 23. Van Beelen had just speared a fish and was reeling it in when a hungry shark showed up. ***Language Warning**** The shark took advantage of situation and started munching on the free meal. The spear fisherman pulled on his line as the shark was eating the fish before quickly releasing it and distancing himself…

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Videos: Sharks Love Spearfishermen

Great_white_shark_Spearfishing reviews

Sharks love spearfishermen, well to be more specific, sharks love speared fish. Sharks are smart and love free meals. Speared fish sends out electrical impulses that sharks detect with their sensitive snouts. Once the sharks feel the impulses it will begin to investigate. Add a little blood and sharks are in pure hunting mode. They know a meal is just a bite away. Spearfishing Reviews features a group of people who love spearfishing and their goal is to help point both novice and professional spearfishers to the right gear. They…

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Video: Bull Shark Charges a Diver

Kerry Daniel_bull_shark_attack_2017_New_south_wales_video_Great_Barrier_reef

A newly posted video shows the moment a bull shark charges a diver near the Great Barrier Reef. Danny Henricks was on an annual spearfishing trip on a channel in the northern most tip of Queensland when he encountered an aggressive bull shark. The 35-year-old had just swum away from the group when he spotted the shark. Henricks, an experienced spear fisherman, has seen sharks before. Often a shark will sneak in and snatch a freshly-caught fish off the line. However, this encounter was different. Henricks watched the shark as…

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Video: Great White Shark Bumps Spearfisherman

Great White Shark Bumps Spear fisherman

A video has been published that appears to show a great white shark bumping into a spearfisherman. Ash Gibb heard that a great white shark had been sighted off Lucky Bay, which is east of Esperance in Western Australia. The Kalgoorlie-based filmmaker decided to take a peek and shoot a few fish at the same time. Gibb dove down to film a fish at about 16-feet-deep (5m). As he followed the fish, a slight thump can be heard on the footage. Then, the great white shark comes into frame after…

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Spearfisherman Bitten by a Shark in California

A freediver has been bitten by a shark in California. Tyler McQuillen was spearfishing off Refugio State Beach on Thursday September 1. The 6 to 8 foot (1.8 to 2m) shark came from behind the 22-year-old and bit his fin and foot. He used his speargun to stab the shark as he made his way back to the beach. Once he was back on the beach, around 9am, he alerted authorities and then drove himself to the hospital. Eric Hjelstrom, a State Parks superintendent for the Santa Barbara area, visited…

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*Graphic* 9-year-old Bitten by a Shark in Fiji

A 9-year-old has been bitten by a shark in French Polynesia around July 11, 2016. The boy, identified only as Matahi, was spearfishing with two friends in Puka-Puka around 5 p.m., when he returned to the boat with his friend who had just speared a fish. Link to graphic image of the wound. Matahi saw his friends eyes get big and he turned to see what the friend was looking at. He then sees a black tip shark which grabs hold of his right arm. He was able to punch…

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Nurse Shark Chased a Spearfisherman

Sean O’Connell was spearfishing off the coast of Pompano Beach, Florida, July 1 when he got a little more fish than he bargained for. The founder of was out with several friends when he speared a hogfish. When he added his catch to his fish stringer, he noticed a nurse shark lying under a layer of rock. As he floated on the surface he spoke with another fisherman to warn him of the shark. His friend asked if the shark posed a threat, and O’Connell said they are normally…

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