7-year-old bitten by cookiecutter shark in Australia

cookiecutter shark attack bite

A rare shark bite has been reported in Queensland, Australia. Jack Tolley was wading with his family in Alma Bay in North Queensland October 27, when a circular chunk of his leg was torn off. The 7-year-old’s father first spotted the small shark as it swam near him and even referred to it as a friendly fish.  Things changed dramatically when the shark aggressively bumped against his leg and moved toward Jack. When the shark latched onto Jack’s leg, his father quickly kicked it away and out of the water,…

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Video: Man tries to lasso shark gets bitten


A man trying to lasso a shark was bitten by the shark he was trying to lasso. Josh Neille was on a fishing boat off the coast of north Queensland, Australia when they caught a nine-foot lemon shark. Neille, who runs a wildlife shelter, wrote that he was trying to help the shark and prevent its death. “The fisherman that hooked this shark had planned to gaff it to land the shark and do what means to retrieve their gear which would result in it most likely being killed.” He…

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Spearfisherman severely injured by a shark

Brian Cassey_2017_shark_attack

A spearfisherman has been severely injured by a shark in off Hinchinbrook Island in northern Queensland, Australia. Glenn Dickson had just jumped into the water from a rock when he was bitten several times by what was possibly a bull or tiger shark on February 17. Friends of the 26-year-old heard his screams and quickly pulled him from the water. Dickson was bitten several times on the leg and was rapidly losing blood. One of his friends, who is an ex-serviceman and is trained in first aid, tied a tourniquet…

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Diver mauled by a shark off Queensland

A freediver has been mauled by a shark off the coast of Queensland, Australia on January 21. Craig de Witwas was diving in roughly 49 feet (15m) deep water around 60 nautical miles east of Murray Island when he was bitten from behind by a 13-foot (4m) bull shark at 12:40 p.m. The 55-year-old had lacerations on his left bicep, stomach, chest and right hand. Mr. Witwas was able to swim back to his vessel, the Golden Dawn. Crew members helped him out of the water and an off-duty paramedic administered…

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Video: Bull Shark Charges a Diver

Kerry Daniel_bull_shark_attack_2017_New_south_wales_video_Great_Barrier_reef

A newly posted video shows the moment a bull shark charges a diver near the Great Barrier Reef. Danny Henricks was on an annual spearfishing trip on a channel in the northern most tip of Queensland when he encountered an aggressive bull shark. The 35-year-old had just swum away from the group when he spotted the shark. Henricks, an experienced spear fisherman, has seen sharks before. Often a shark will sneak in and snatch a freshly-caught fish off the line. However, this encounter was different. Henricks watched the shark as…

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Surfer Bitten By Shark in Australia

A surfer has reported being by bitten by a shark in Australia October 15. Cooper Hallam was surfing around 32 feet (10m) from Kings Beach in Caloundra, Queensland when he was bitten on the left side of his waist. As he was lying on his surfboard, the “shark hit me hard from the rear left side, felt it take 2 or 3 quick bites, before I could even react and thrash it off,” Hallam reported to Dorsal Shark Reports. He said the shark was small and “couldn’t fit [its] jaws…

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Man Catches Shark, Shark Bites Man

July 20, 2016: Fisherman bitten by shark off Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Scott van Burck had taken a charter group of fisherman  around 12 miles (20K) off the Gold Coast when he hooked a shark.  The 31-year-old reeled in the 3-foot (1M) reef shark and as he brought it onboard the boat, the shark turned and latched on to the skippers’ calf. “I just brought a shark on board and he flicked his head and it bit me on the leg,” Mr van Burck told 9NEWS. His crew quickly jumped…

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