Tiger shark bites boat off Alabama Coast

Video has surfaced featuring the moment a tiger shark bites a boat off the Alabama coast.

Ben Raines was fishing for snapper in the Gulf of Mexico when he had an unexpected visitor.

The reporter from Al.com was with part of a group participating in the Alabama Deep Sea fishing Rodeo and had just lost three fish as they were being reeled in.  Mr. Raines knew the frayed lines could either be caused by the fish swimming around debris on the oceans floor or by a shark that just grabbed a free meal.  He soon found out a giant shark was eating his catch.

Mr. Raines saw a massive tiger shark, which he estimated to weigh more than 700 pounds and be at least 10 feet long, swim up toward the boat only to disappear under the motor.  The shark then popped up and circled the boat and headed straight toward the trolling motor.

The shark was drawn to the motor’s electrical impulses and began biting the propeller housing in an attempt to figure out if it was edible. The shark bit the motor with enough force that it left striations on the propeller blade.shark_bites_boat_motor_al.com_ben_raines

Sharks have special sensing organs called ampullae of Lorenzi along their snout. The electroreceptors are a network of jelly-filled pores that can sense electrical impulses in the water and help sharks find prey.

The receptors are also extremely sensitive to electrical impulses of boat motors. Several species of sharks, including great whites, have been known to bite boat motors.

You can read Mr. Raines’ full report at Al.com. Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/benhraines

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