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Tiger shark bumps camera man

Perth Documentary filmmaker Andre Rerekura was bumped by a 13ft (4M) female tiger shark.

terra-australis-tiger-shark-0He was working with Terra Australis TV, a group of free divers who film underwater life in Western Australia.

The group had been spearfishing in 40ft waters when the encounter occurred and were able to spend around and hour and half with the sharks.

He said ‘There was no sign of aggression; they were just like big puppy dogs. I was pretty pumped and a bit nervous as well,’
According to Mr. Rerekura the tiger shark looked healthy other than a ‘stumpy dorsal fin’ from some type of injury. The massive female remained calm during the encounter.


Mr. Rerekura said ‘I didn’t feel threatened at all, though it was still nerve-racking having a big animal swim up to you, like she might do a last second charge. But no, there was no aggression…like a puppy dog of the sea. We were stoked.”

terra-australis-tiger-shark-3What an experience it must have been!!


Marked on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map under interactions.

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