Zac Efron and the tiger shark

Actor and singer Zach Efron rode a tiger shark while visiting Hawaii.

The actor who once appeared in the cult classic Firefly, was filming his latest movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with Workaholics star Adam DeVine when the two decided to go shark diving. 

They loaded up with Ocean Ramsey and the trio went for a snorkel dive.

During the trip Mr. Efron said “all the Galapagos sharks, the 7 to 10-foot sharks, just dive they just disappeared”.

He tells Fallon the reason is an apex predator is above them and in this case it is a 14-foot tiger shark.

The shark is heading straight toward Efron who crosses his arms in an attempt to lower his heart beat to show the shark that he is not prey.

Fallon seems to be impressed and calls Efron “the shark whisper”.

As the shark swims past, Efron hitches a ride on its dorsal fin.

Given he does not “recommend” anyone else try it.

So what are your thoughts on riding sharks?

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