California surfer attacked by shark

A California surfer was attacked by a shark off Santa Rosa Island. Adam Coons, 37, was bitten on the leg off the northwest side of Santa Rosa island around 3.15 p.m. Dec. 21. Coon’s surfing buddy help tie a tourniquet and alerted authorities who dispatched a rescue helicopter. “This was the best possible outcome to a truly terrifying situation,” the Coast Guard command duty officer, Lt. Benjamin McIntyre-Coble said in a statement. “This individual was fortunate to be with a buddy who was able to communicate their position to the Coast Guard. We are all happy that he will be able to be with his family in time for the holidays.” The species of shark involved has not been identified, but great whites are known to travel through the area. The approximate location has been marked on the 2019 Shark Attack Map.

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