Great white shark in Lake Macquarie

A great white shark has been photographed breaching the waters of Lake Macquarie, Australia.

Jeff Adams, who has been sailing the lake for 35 years, saw a buoy floating under the surface and decided to take a closer look.

He spotted the 9-foot shark had become entangled in fishing line and was attempting to free itself.

Jeff Adams
Photo: Jeff Adams

Mr. Adams had his Smartphone ready and was able to film the shark as it breached the water in a last ditch effort to remove itself from the line.

Photo: Jeff Adams
Photo: Jeff Adams

“I was really concerned about the welfare of it; it was obviously stressed when it jumped out of the water trying to get the rope untangled. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing – just so extraordinary to see,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald

Photo: Jeff Adams
Photo: Jeff Adams

Unfortunately, it is unknown if the shark ever freed itself, but on a positive note Lake Macquarie appears to be a decent environment for white sharks, minus the loose fishing gear.

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  1. oxybaby

    I would not swim there!

  2. Aussie Queen

    This is very interesting,and I hope the shark survived

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