Shark bite reported in Savannah Georgia

Savannah, Georgia shark attack Ayden Meadows
Savannah Morning News

Ayden Meadows, 12, and his mother Raesheel were  surfing on the south end of Tybee island in Savannah Georgia when they spotted something grey in the water.  Before they new it, the shadow grabbed hold of Ayden’s right leg.

“I had already caught two waves and I was getting ready to catch another one when we saw it,” Ayden told The Augusta Chronicle . “It was just like in the movies, it jumped up and hit my board then grabbed my leg.”

Ayden and his mother made it back to the beach and hurried to a lifeguard stand. Lifeguards wrapped Ayden’s leg with a towel and suggested he go to the hospital.

Chief Skip Sasser of the Tybee Island Fire and Emergency Services, wasn’t able to confirm that the bite marks had come from a shark. “I know the lifeguards wrapped the leg, but they couldn’t verify what bit the child. I think they were all scratching their heads because they didn’t know what it was,” Sasser said. “Certainly if it was confirmed to be a shark we want to know that.”

Doctors noted the wound was in the pattern of a shark’s jaw and believe the wound was caused by a shark.

Ayden’s wound required 11 stitches, but he still plans to hit the beach again.

“My adrenaline was so high I didn’t really feel it until I saw it,” he said. “It’s sore, but it’s still fine. It’s not going to stop me from going into the water at Tybee again.”

The location has been marked on the 2014 Shark Attack Map. 

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